Environmental Insurance Coverage

USRowing PASS (Peril Assessment Scoring System)

Is your club able to meet or exceed USRowing's & Philadelphia Insurance Companies 90% excellent rating? This risk assessment survey is intended to help you identify the club's key exposures and controls. Following the completion of the PASS™ (Peril Assessment Scoring System), you will receive a score specific to your operation. In addition, you will be provided with a Key Improvement plan which identifies areas that need improvement.

This section includes our PASS™ (Peril Assessment Scoring System). Our model is based upon industry best practices including The USRowing Coaching Manuals. The PASS™ (Peril Assessment Scoring System) indicates the percentage of best practices that your safety management system utilizes compared to our model.

The assessment is valuable because it pinpoints strengths and weaknesses. You can use the assessment to help you design a more effective safety program for your organization.

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